PowerPoint presentation

Magazine layout

Creating a magazine for your company, club, or passion isn’t as hard as it seems when you use a magazine template in Word. With its adaptable design, this Microsoft Word magazine template is ideal for any subject, from architecture to fashion to cooking and everything in between. The magazine template in Word includes a table of contents, masthead, and several slides for feature articles. Insert photos, footers, pull quotes, or call outs to add color to your stories. You can also use this magazine article template in Word to layout a single article—just delete the slides you don’t need. This is an accessible template.

  • %100 özelleştirilebilir şablon

  • Metni, resimleri ve daha fazlasını kolayca değiştirin

  • Binlerce fotoğraf, grafik ve yazı tipiyle yaratıcılığınızı ortaya koyun

  • Animasyonlar, geçişler veya videolar ile takipçileri etkileyin

  • Her yerde hızla paylaşın ve yayımlayın