How to structure a video to get more views

november 15, 2023

The secret formula for better-performing TikTok videos is how you structure them. This is especially true of videos during which you're talking to the camera. The secret formula consists of a hook, value, and a call to action.

Here's an example of the formula at work:

Let's pretend I own a branding company and I'm selling my business using TikTok. I want to make a video about a big, common mistake that I see most people making. The goal of this video is to explain the mistake, share a possible solution, and show how I can help.

The hook

I like to say that the hook is a core message of your video delivered in a bold statement within your first five seconds of your video.

In this example, a good hook could be, "This is the biggest mistake I see small business owners making when it comes to branding." It's a bold statement. It makes you wonder what the mistake is, and it's meant to hook the viewers in because they want to make sure that they're not the ones making the mistake.

In addition to voicing your hook, I always recommend that you also write it out in a title or call out in the video. When you're adding it to your video, you should always put the copy on top of your head. This way, the viewer can easily understand what your video is about.

The value

The value is the main part of your TikTok video. This is where you're going to state what the problem is, explain why and supply a solution. For example, "Small business owners usually do Y, resulting in X, but instead, they should be doing Z and I'm going to teach you how."

The call to action

Toward the end of your video, you should tell viewers what action they should take based on the information that you just delivered. Some examples could be, "Leave your questions in the comments," or "Follow for more branding tips." A good call to action is a quick, intentional sentence that you deliver at the end of the video, and it's potentially what will turn a viewer into a follower and better yet, into a customer.

If you also want to write this out in the text format, I always recommend that you place the copy near the Follow, Like, Share, Comment buttons. This way people can easily take that action. Before posting your video, make sure you can rewatch it in the preview mode by clicking on the preview button. This way you're going to make sure that your copy is not getting covered by anything and your video looks clean and intentional as you want it to be.

Remember, you only have two to five seconds to get someone's attention when they're scrolling down the feed so make sure that you start your video on a high note with a strong hook and copy properly placed for a clean visual. These small things can be the difference between 200 views and a viral video.

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