Quote design templates

Pepper your projects with quips and quotes using customizable design templates. From famous sayings to notable quotables, adding words of wisdom to your project has never been easier.

Inspiring quote social media post template surrounded by 3D design elements

Share your favorite quotes with customizeable templates

Use Designer templates to quickly and beautifully share inspiring quotes or lyrics. Each quote-featuring design template can be shared anywhere on the web or social media. Browse a variety of unique quote template designs such as modern designs, vintage designs, or whimsical designs. Choose different template sizes that are perfectly formatted for different platforms, like Instagram stories or Facebook covers. Each quote design template is fully customizable—you have full control over the template's font, text, images, and videos to make it unique. These quote design templates are perfect for use on your personal social media account or for your brand's social media account. Brands can share quotes on their social media platforms to share their brand values or to connect with their followers. Or you can use templates to send positive messages to your friends and family.