A cute cartoon image of an astrological sign

Craft 6 astrology-themed backgrounds using AI image prompts with Microsoft Designer

may 2, 2024

As a fan of astrology, have you caught yourself downloading or screenshotting some of your favorite zodiac memes, designs, or collages that you believe fit your personality? Or are you still searching for the perfect astrological design that 100% matches your aesthetic?

If you’re still looking for astrological artwork that fits your unique aesthetic, you’re in luck. Today, we’ll use Microsoft Designers’ Image Creator to create personalized zodiac backgrounds from descriptive AI image prompts. Simply borrow the prompt ideas below or come up with your own prompt to get started on your creative process!

Note: These prompts are shareable and enable you to make personalized edits upon clicking.

⭐Prompt:A zodiac-themed image with Sagittarius elements, cartoon style, with a cute, happy theme. Incorporate stars with cartoonish, animated faces.

A cute, cartoon-style star with a smiling face

⭐Prompt: A zodiac-themed background with Sagittarius elements. Incorporate travel themes with a realistic style.

A warrior surrounded by Sagattarius elements

⭐Prompt: An astrology-themed background with Sagittarius elements. Incorporate space themes.

A winged horse centered in a circle with zodiac signs, surrounded by a starry purple sky

⭐Prompt: An artsy collage-style astrology background with fire zodiac themes.

An artsy collage with zodiac and fire elements

⭐Prompt:A zodiac background featuring water signs and aquatic themes.

A blue zodiac-themed graphic with water signs

⭐Prompt: A cute astrology-themed background with elements of fire, earth, air, and water signs.

A cute, cartoon-style graphic of a woman surrounded by four labeled elements

Now that you can see how it's done, check out Image Creator and start generating your own starry zodiac designs. Start with a descriptive AI prompt, then get creative with your generated image by changing the background colors and adding text and/or graphic features.

Save these versatile zodiac-themed images in your desired sizes to create a perfect fit for your phone background, desktop, social media posts, or even printed out as a poster to hang on your walls. Start exploring the infinite possibilities offered by Microsoft Designer's Image Creator today!

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