5 tips for growing your social media following

november 15, 2023

Fanta Dicko launched Melanin Moi to create a more authentic space designed by and for women of color. "We are changing the way content and resources reach and represent women of color, consistently informing our audience through our content and starting conversations that impact us the most," the site promises. The brand has gathered a steady 10,000 followers across their social platforms. Here are Fanta's top five tips for how to grow your social media following.

Tip #1: Build a strong brand identity

It's important for a strong brand identity and voice to shine through in everything you post. This is how your brand shows up online—your tone, color scheme, design choices, and what you comment elsewhere on the platform all contribute to your brand identity.

Tip #2: Post consistently, but with purpose

It's all about consistency and value. Posting for the sake of posting can be exhausting and yield limited returns. Try to post content that resonates with you or your audience or is authentically connected to your brand in some way. Look at your post insights and see what type of content performs best. Even if you're posting daily, if the content you're posting isn't helpful or relevant to your audience, people won't engage with it. See what's performing well for you and continue making similar content.

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Tip #3: Post share-worthy content

Often, the content that is engaged with the most is shared. Your followers should want to reshare your posts, helping grow your social media following. Take a look at those post analytics again and see what content gets shared the most.

Pro tip:

Get ideas on what to post next by exploring social media templates from Microsoft Create.

Tip #4: Engage with your followers

By engaging with your audience, you establish trust by building relationships, advocacy, and brand love. A few examples: Respond to comments on your own page and like people's comments, like and respond to photos on other accounts, and share relevant articles. You can also answer questions or start new conversations. Make sure it's relevant and authentic to you and your audience.

Tip #5: Collaborate with influencers

You don't always need a large budget to work with an influencer. You can work with them in exchange for product reviews or content reposts. Peer recommendations carry a lot of weight, and people are more likely to buy a product or service when it comes from someone they trust.

Social media is an ever-changing landscape with new platforms popping up left and right, but these five fundamentals are sure to set you on the right track for gaining followers and deepening engagement with your audience and growing your social media following.

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