5 tips to feel more comfortable being on camera

october 4, 2023

Video is the single best way to instantly humanize your brand in today's world. You're itching to start with video but you're scared of being on camera. It's OK! Here are five practical tips that helped me be more comfortable on camera.

#1: Follow a dress code

You've heard of the saying, "Look good, feel good." Well, it's time to start actually adhering to that. If you're in an outfit you feel mighty fine wearing, you're going to feel a lot more comfortable in front of the camera.

#2: Pointers, not scripts

Forget full scripts—just write down three to five pointers that you wish to cover in your video. This will stop you from waffling, and it will mean that you won't miss out on delivering any value to your viewer.

#3: Film alone

Shut the door and get rid of any potential distractions. No dogs barking, no phones ringing, and no neighbors singing.

#4: Avoid perfection

Spoiler alert: Perfection does not exist. Stop chasing it. It's way less energy zapping trying to be yourself than it is to try and be someone else. Trust me, being someone else is not sustainable and it's certainly not comfortable.

#5: Just hit record

Next time you film yourself talking to the camera, hit record as soon as you walk in the room and don't press stop until you're satisfied that you've got everything you need on camera. Don't reset and start again every time you mess up, just leave the camera rolling. After all, it's one less thing to think about. Plus, you'll capture a load of bloopers.

Bonus tip

Now that you're more comfortable on camera and have lots of great footage, turn those clips into an eye-catching video by weaving them into a professionally designed TikTok video template, YouTube template, or Instagram design template from Microsoft Create.

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